For a minute I want to reminisce on how awesome my ps3 was before it broke down and was to never turn on again. This is one of those standstill moments, sweat dripping from the brow, slightly tilted frown – do I go to x-box or stay loyal to Play Station?

Well, you may have experienced this before but you’re in luck! There are many places to get and easyps3repair down for a great price (thank God for google too, yes.)

For a moment there, I thought all my games would be weathered by dust and all characters would never experience life again, for they live life through us. By the way, yes I am trying to add some melodramatic sort of melancholy tone that is entirely meant to be taken as satire, before all of you begin to roll your eyes at me.

But, in a sense it’s so true. Who would buy the 25th story loft in Grand Theft Auto 5, and tow cars local_tow_servicethrough Los Angeles and Riverside? After all, it couldn’t be me.. I had no ps3! No taxi services to drive.. no people to kill, fires to put out, or Riverside Towing Services to be apart of. And truly this crushed my spirit.. for about all of 1 week. How could it not though? I love video games and you should too.

Some part of me wanted to be all gangsta and be like “yo Riverside towing is what I do”. In this moment I found my most valuable moment. I need to stop playing all these dang games that are holding me back from life and open a ps3 repair shop! And so we did, and here we are.

I wanted to be immersed  in the lifestyle and that meant owning a business in my passion. But the other part of me likes my humble life and so that’s why I enjoy playing video games in my free time. I guess I could be as cool as the Riverside Towing Service Pros in that game and try to start my own brick and mortar but don’t those cost like a lot of money?

Well, either way we’re getting the ps3 repairs done and I’m happy to have one that’s back in action again. We’ll keep up with you guys on the progress!

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