What is a ps3 rebel? Why do people think rebels are cool? Rebels tend to go against the flow and create routes we never thought possible. If everyone followed the same path everyone would end up with the same outcome making the same mistakes.

A rebel can provide us with some creative points of views and diverse way of dealing with a specific problem. Often innovations are created by rebels the ones who dare to go against the common idea of things being impossible.

After learning what you can at a young age people tend to develop their own identities and start to create their own thoughts. Rebelling all the time might be really frustrating to some people and cause constant conflict. When people do things that we can not find a logical explanation for we tend to arrive at the conclusion it is stupid.

The truth is it actually has the potential of serving as a different approach and a new discovery. Without this kind of thinking many of the great accomplishments of the world may not exists.

Rebels can be seen as a negative thing. In some countries there are groups of people fighting against their government and are referred to as rebels. These type of rebels maybe violent and cause many issues for people. People can be struck with fear by these groups and be forced to choose sides in their own country based on what type of issues they are conflicting over. Most of these differences are hard to decide who is right and who is wrong unless you have deeper understanding of the situation and firm grasp over the history of what these people and their country have been through. For example many rebel groups start of as a group that has been oppressed by their government.

Typically, teenagers are considered to have a rebellious stage. This is where most teenagers decide to go against what their parents, teachers, or even laws have told them. Around this time is where most people don’t understand why things are the way they are or even just do it because it is fun. The thrill of being an outlaw is enough to encourage someone to strive for a different path.

Most of the time these are the year you probably will have the most fun and will pave the way for your future! This rebellious stage is where you will learn about yourself or even define who you are, often time involving gaming on your favorite ps3 and outbursts from parents. Either way, it’s not really such a bad thing, and even if we go against the grade, we know we’ll still find our way.

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