Family Law

If you can see the inevitable coming it might be smart to make the first move. You may want to find a good divorce attorney and file first. At least call and find outFaimly_court_riverside_cat what your rights are before he does. The goal is to get over on your spouse and fast and as hard as you possibly can. You take everything you can possibly get your hands on. Try to kick him out of the house and keep the kids away from his bad influence as long as you possibly can.

The judge will end up making things fair in the long run. So you should go for the jugular right from the very start. don’t worry about feelings, this is about a long term solutions to marrying a real idiot who you should of never even made children with. You only have a limited amount of time to try and get over this mistake and try to make a nice life for yourself and your children.

We all know how selfish women can be so you will not be looked down on or thought of as a bitch just for trying to get as much as you possibly can before you get out of the relationship.

You will need a lawyer that feels the same way you do and will go after your spouse with all the tools allowed by the law. Tell your attorney how bad you want to go after this guy for not having a job that makes enough money to support your lifestyle you are used. Make sure the attorney knows none of this is your fault in any way. The guy may of been nice and successful in the beginning but now he sucks and just can not make enough money. Make sure your attorney tells the court that there is no way you could of gotten a job because you were raising your children and they take all of your time. Even if they are gone to school most of the day and you end up just laying around watching soap operas. make sure everyone knows what a looser your husband is and you are constantly trying to help out and make ends meet.